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My Background

You’ll see I offer a range of different services from Storytelling through to Public Speaking Coaching and Charity Bid-writing. The ‘common thread’ is a deep interest in words and communication.

Whether you are communicating with audiences, groups, classes or individuals, it’s all about creating a good rapport and using words skilfully.

Storytellers and writers often like to call themselves ‘Wordsmiths’ – speaking and writing is a craft requiring skill and much practice.

In relation to creating rapport: I genuinely enjoy meeting others, whether are they are a storytelling audience or people on my courses, which is probably why they seem to enjoy meeting me!

People describe me as enthusiastic, with a talent for putting on lively events, with plenty of humour. ‘Students’ (of all ages) say I’m an inspiring teacher.

I get real satisfaction from helping others become confident in their own voice and talents.

Qualifications and Background:

Initially, my love of words led me to a B.A.(Hons, 1st Class) in English Literature and an M.A. in English Poetry, and to qualifying as an Adult Education teacher. I launched as a Creative Writing Tutor in 1985 and have had great fun teaching well-attended classes ever since.

Alongside this I worked in the Third Sector as a Trainer, Project Manager and Chief Exec. I developed an extensive range of tailored workshops for the staff, volunteers and trustee boards of many voluntary groups and charities. (See Page for a list of available courses).

For ten years I worked as a Training and Development Advisor helping voluntary sector organisations (local, regional and national) with funding, development and operational issues. My writing skills made me very successful at writing funding applications for charities and groups, which I now do on a freelance basis (See Page).

What do I do for fun?

Writing, Storytelling, Reading, Archery, Woodwork, Belly-dancing, Badminton, Creating Wildlife Gardens; Dancing at Womad; Hill-walking, Wild Swimming; Watching Clouds; Picking Blackberries and making Elderflower Champagne…… Talking with Friends…… Hugging…… Eating Hazelnut Chocolate…… Talking with Children…… Putting up Wall-paper…… Watching seals…… Disappearing into Ireland with a tent and a pen…… Travelling generally…… Spending a day walking through the streets of London…… Think I am running out of room….

Services I Provide

My Expertise lies in these areas:

  • Storytelling Performances
  • Storytelling Workshops
  • Storytelling Coaching
  • Creative Writing Workshops
  • Writing Consultancy (help with your manuscript)
  • Children's Workshops (Writing, Poetry and Storytelling)
  • Public Speaking/Presentation Skills Courses
  • Public Speaking Coaching and help writing speeches
  • Training and Facilitating a broad range of courses
  • Voluntary and Community Sector Development Work
  • Writing Funding Bids for groups, charities and projects

Some writers are hermits: this one is sociable, relishes performing and loves meeting new people. I don’t do things by halves: if you book me to tell stories, run a workshop or write a bid (or if you book on a workshop) I will give you 120%. (My word skills are better than my maths, as you see!)

I like clients to go away happy and get lots of repeat work. I hope you’ll see across the different pages of my website that I do get exceptionally good feedback from the people that use me.

What people say they like:

  • My enthusiasm ("Giving it some welly," as my Yorkshire friends say)
  • That I inspire them
  • Warmth and humour
  • My way with words
  • That everyone is truly welcomed, whatever age or background

I hope to meet you if you are looking for a storyteller, writing teacher, trainer, coach, or bid-writer. I'm happy to send you more information about my experience and successes in your area of interest. You can also find my profile on .

I'm always happy to hear from other storytellers and trainers about joint projects; do get in touch.

What people have said about me

“Debby, you are lovely! You go to such extreme lengths to include everyone and make us happy! It's more like a group of friends than a course.”

Elspeth Allum, Regular course attendee, Somerset