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  • PDF IconCreating Charactersfree sticker
  • PDF IconCreating Characters Through Voice79p sticker
  • PDF IconUsing or Avoiding Clichés In Characters and in your Writing79p sticker
  • PDF IconCreating Mood Through Landscape and Weather79p sticker
  • PDF IconCreating Vivid Impressions on the Reader79p sticker
  • PDF IconCreating Realistic Dialogue79p sticker
  • Zip IconALL SIX Exercises FOR JUST: 2.99 sticker


  • PDF IconCharacter Questionnaire (an aid to character defining)free sticker
  • PDF IconVictorian Name List: English Malesfree sticker
  • PDF IconVictorian Name List: English Femalesfree sticker
  • PDF IconBiblical Name List (with meanings)free sticker