Deb Win Newsflash

Storyteller, Writer, Workshop Facilitator, Trainer

What I have to offer (for full details click on the relevant link above):

  • Compelling Storytelling for adults

    One reviewer’s comment: Deb has a winning mixture of warmth, high energy and irrepressible humour, combined with the ability to move an audience to tears. An open, authentic storyteller.

  • Energetic, lively storytelling for events with families and storytelling workshops for children (7+)

    Lively, participative stories & workshops that engage children. Excellent for developing verbal skills, literacy, creativity and confidence.

  • Hugely popular Creative Writing, Storytelling and Improvisation Workshops for adults

    Frequently described by attendees as ‘inspirational’, ‘highly enjoyable’, ‘excellent’, ‘great fun’. Friendly, inclusive workshops with lots of laughter.

  • Half-day Creative Writing Workshops for children (7+)

    Short, imaginative, practical exercises designed to inspire children at all levels with the confidence and interest to write stories and poetry. Made fun by someone who never truly grew up themselves.

  • Really effective Public Speaking Workshops and one-to-one Coaching

    Supportive, constructive help at all levels, from ‘Presentation Skills for the Terrified’ through to ‘Dynamic Public Speaking’.