Public Speaking

Deborah is a dynamic speaker herself who draws on thirty years experience of delivering public speaking training to a wide variety of clients: Charity sector; public sector; companies, government agencies; fundraisers, clubs and societies; young people; volunteers, service-users; domestic violence survivors; stroke survivors; those in recovery from addiction - even primary school children on school councils.

Passionate about public speaking and communication skills, Deborah has worked with people from very diverse backgrounds and puts people at their ease. She is a highly motivating speaker and trainer who enjoys building confidence in others.

One-to-one coaching, tailored to your particular needs, is also available.

You'll Cover:

  • • The most important ingredients of public speaking
  • • Getting your audience's attention - how to plan and deliver a high-impact opening
  • • How to use body language to appear more confident
  • • Keeping your audience's attention to the end
  • • Getting Your Message Across
  • • High impact content
  • • How to structure your talk
  • • How to reduce and cope with nerves
  • • Delivery and Style
  • • Pitching your speech at the right level
  • • How to cope with questions, interruptions and difficult situations

Death By “PowerPoint”

Video courtesy of Chris Bidmead

Comments From Attendees

“I always say there is room for improvement in anything, BUT this worked so well, I can't think of anything! Fantastic, something for everyone, felt so supported and Debbie made everyone feel very comfortable”

Chris (Public Speaking for the Terrified workshop)