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Team Building


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Using Stories

To Build Teams

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and Leadership Days

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Team-Building Days
- for Companies, Charities and Public Sector

Experienced in running team-building and leadership workshops, Deborah uses Storytelling Days as a creative way to foster teamwork and enhance your employees' skills.

Imagination, improvisation and laughter are great teachers.

The workshops (tailored to suit your needs) incorporate:

  • • Team skills
  • • Creative thinking skills
  • • Leadership skills
  • • Public speaking skills
  • • Ability to ‘think on your feet’ and to improvise
  • • Reflection and self-assessment
  • • Communication with others
  • • ‘Performance’ skills
  • • Vision and motivation
  • • Verbal skills and Dealing With Questions
  • • Ability to influence others
  • • Body Language Awareness

Less expensive than an assault course or paintball, but just as much fun! And more inclusive of all physical abilities………

Builds confidence where needed; encourages reflection where behaviour change is needed.

A Storytelling Day (or Weekend) can be focussed on your particular needs, whether that is to build your team, encourage leadership, or other issues.

Workshops will be at a venue of your choosing. Ring me or use the Contact Me page to discuss what your staff need and get a tailored quote to suit your staff development budget.


“This made a real change from the usual team building ‘awaydays’ – my team was stretched outside their comfort zone but Deb is a great facilitor and communicator and has a gift for making learning fun………it challenged people to think and reflect on their own personal team skills.”

Jim McNeil, Team Leader, Environmental Services, Wiltshire